Program Overview

Iowa’s Creative Corridor features five development ready or certified sites for companies looking to expand or locate in our region. The five sites have been designated as ‘certified’ or ‘shovel-ready’ by one of two third party consultants.

Austin Consulting, in partnership with Foote Consulting Group (The Austin Team), conducted a shovel ready sites program analysis for the Iowa City Area Development Corp (ICAD Group) in 2009.  This program was adopted by ICAD Group and its partners in 2010. The sites certified under this program include the Tipton Business Park, the University of Iowa Research Park, and the Iowa City Industrial Park.

The Iowa Economic Development Authority launched the Iowa Certified Site Program to fill the demand for project-ready industrial sites, making the decision to locate in Iowa an easy one. Iowa’s certified site program, designed and implemented by the nationally recognized site selection firm McCallum Sweeney Consulting (MSC), parallels a typical site location process. Once credentialed, an Iowa Certified Site has relevant site-related data and documentation accumulated and is designated as “development-ready.” The sites certified under this program include the Marion Enterprise Center and the Cedar Rapids Land and Air Super Park.